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3855 Bath Edie Rd.
Blythe, GA 30805

   Open Sundays

From 1 pm to 4 pm Weather Dependent    Call (706) 504 4956        For Confirmation

3855 Bath Edie Rd.
Blythe, GA 30805


What Was Your Impression of Bath Gardens?

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1965 photographs taken of Bath Gardens

“Bath Gardens preserves one of the last vestiges of Georgia’s antebellum resorts. Originally used as a place of respite from the hot Georgia summers where visitors could cool off in cold spring water, Bath was once a noted village where Georgia’s elite gathered as guests of wealthy Burke County planters who spent the summer months here.  Bath Gardens, originally created by Alonzo Boardman in the 1950s and 1960s, has now been reclaimed with a surprising and beautiful array of ornamental flowers, trees and shrubs planted on a terraced valley filled with springs that form a pond. Patterned after an Austrian village, the lodge and spring houses have an old world charm that makes this a perfect place for special events.”
-Erick Montgomery
Executive Director, Historic Augusta

“I spent 3 days out exploring your property, bought a mantle and my husband spent 3 weeks restoring it and mounting it….I ? it”


“In a world filled with chaos, Bath Gardens means quite a great deal to me. Every time I go to this garden, I am taken aback at how much potential this hidden gem has. The goals that the founder and her Board have set into action are what attracts me so much towards this beautiful land. Especially when it comes down to the potential for educational attractions; allowing children to be able to experience a mixture of history, natural science, and art all in one collective. It’s one thing to be able to experience beauty, but another to be able to reflect a beautiful message. Bath Gardens has a message to be learned and cherished: that restoration and commitment into saving history and art is vital to us as a society.”

-Reed McDow, Owner & Digital Strategist of InnoVationV

“This lovely garden is like a fairy tale location. It is so beautiful and has a calming effect on me every time I visit. Picture perfect is what astounds the eye every where you look. The love and wonder that have been poured out to recreate Mr. Boardman’s vision from the 1950-1960 era of it’s life.
This is a must visit garden and a lovely venue for events. Come and drink in the beauty!”


“My company, Laurie McRae Interiors, was chosen to conduct the estate sale during the Bath Gardens Opening Event. Every aspect of the event was Southern Hospitality at its best…The gardens are so lovely and the setting so peaceful. It was a privilege to be associated with Bath Gardens Foundation and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship, worthy of the history and heritage of the venue.”

GA. Registered Interior Designer #489
“The first thing to say about Bath Gardens is, “Beautiful”. The roaming hills and lush valley are reaping with an assortment of trees, various shrubs and flowering plants. The pools of water and fountains are just as eye catching that set the scene of a calm faraway place. The Lodge is center stage at the head of the largest pool as if it has been there from some bygone era. The entire landscape has a calming affect that one has to experience for themselves. Definitely a must visit that should not be overlooked.
-Charlie Byrd


Recent Photos

“When I was out at the garden last week the fall color was so vibrant, there was a little nip in the air and it was perfectly quiet. Most relaxing spot I can think of within a hundred miles”

Rollin Giesbrehct
Rollin’s Landscape Co. Inc

“I recently visited Bath Gardens on Mother’s Day with friends and family. We truly enjoyed our experience and would highly recommend visiting to see for yourself the beauty and charm of the gardens. The walk is very easy and tranquil with many features from the 1800s. The chateau home is amazing with the large pool filled with spring water which gives it a very European look. The tiered garden is a perfect venue for any special occasion. You will not be disappointed.”

Mike Vincent

On Mother’s Day my daughter and I went to Bath Gardens for the first time. Were we in for a surprise! The park reminded us so much of our homeland Germany; the landscape, the little hills and of course the lodge, that is situated at the end of a big mirrored pond. The architecture is familiar to what you can find in towns throughout Bavaria. The thoughts that ran through our minds were: what a beautiful place to have weddings, concerts, picnics, art shows, or a nice cup of coffee with a slice of cake.If you are looking for a beautiful, calm surrounding, don’t look any further, come see Bath Gardens in Blythe!